Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Because of the ongoing and ever changing COVID-19 situation, the reopening date of Town Hall, Billing Office, and Building Commissioner’s Office is now extended to May 1st.

We ask that everyone follow the federal, state, and local agency’s recommendations on combating the spread of COVID-19. We are all in this together and ask that everyone take those recommendations seriously.

Town of Sellersburg
Published by Charlie Smith · March 18 at 5:10 PM · 

**Official Town Operational Update**
Today, the Town Council adopted a State of Emergency Resolution.
What does that mean for you as residents?

**The Town Hall and Billing Offices will be closed to the general public effective today, 3/18/2020 with a tentative reopen date of 4/6/2020.

Utility Payments can be processed online Sellersburg.org, by drop off payment in the mail slot located in the drive-thru, or by sending them via US Mail. Beginning for payments due in April, the Town will not assess late fees until the state of emergency is lifted. This is in an effort to help residents spread out their personal finances during what may be a financial hardship for some. If you have current late fees on your bill as of the last billing cycle, you are still responsible for those. If you need assistance, please call (812)246-3821 Ext. 4.

LOCATES and SERVICE CALLS will still be addressed as usual. Please contact the billing office at the number above for assistance.

**Building Department will be closed to the general public effective today, 3/18/2020 with a tentative reopen date of 4/6/2020.
PERMITS Small projects:
If you are applying for permits, you may drop off completed applications and associated documents in the Billing Departments drop box. Documents to be no larger than 8.5 x 11 or you may submit your applications via email.
PERMITS Large projects:
If you are applying for a large project, you can submit via email. If your document file is too large, please use Drop box.
CONTRACTORS LICENSING: If you are applying for a contractor’s license, complete your application
Attach your documents and either drop off through the billing departments drop box or email your application to the Building Commissioner.
PAYMENTS: Payments can be dropped off through the drop box or mailed in, we currently do not have online payments in place.
INSPECTIONS: Inspections will be handled on a case by case situation.
Please contact Mike Beard Building Commissioner at mbeard@sellersburg.org or by calling phone (502)817-3041

**MS4 coordinator Bart Meyer can be reached by calling (502)379-4967

**Sanitation Department: Trash collection schedule will be unaffected. Please have place your cans at the curb side as normal.

For all other Town related business, please call (812)246-3821 Ext. 9


Town of Sellersburg Billing Office (utility billing questions, utility locates, new service requests)
PH: 812.246.3821 option 4

Town of Sellersburg Council, Town Manager, Executive Secretary
PH: 812.246.3821 option 9

Town of Sellersburg Building Commissioner
PH: 502.817.3041

Town of Sellersburg Water Facility Operator
PH: 502.376.4517

Town of Sellersburg Water Distribution Operator
PH: 502.777.5683

Town of Sellersburg Wastewater Operator
PH: 502.376.4962

MS4 Coordinator
PH: 502.376.4967

Alliance of Indiana Rural Water
Phone (Business Hours): 317-789-4200 or 888-937-4992
Phone 24 Hours: 317-408-4284
Email: swinters@inh2o.org

Jaimie Foreman - COVID-19 Operational Issues
Phone: 317-379-3115
Email: jforeman@carmel.in.gov

IDEM: DW Branch desk
Phone: 317-234-7430 (Business Hours)*

Use the link below to contact your inspector after normal working hours and Travis Goodwin for cybersecurity!


IDEM: Wastewater   Jason House - COVID-19 Operational Issues
Phone: 317-233-0470
Email: jhouse@idem.in.gov